Corona | 2020



Dear BodyWorx member

From Saturday, 30 May 2020, we will be allowed to run our Group Fitness courses as usual. As usual” means – as before 17 March 2020 (before COVID-19).

This is very good news – so the following changes will be made:

– No registration necessary anymore

– One attendance list is kept per course

– Course participants must register before the course (the course management will check the registration)

– Prohibition of assembly before the course room (before and after each course)

– the number of students is the same as before 17 March 2020

Sporty greetings

The BodyWorx Team


Statusupdate | Date: 14.05.2020

*** GROUP FITNESS COURSES (FROM 18 MAY 2020) *** / 14.5.2020

Dear BodyWorx member

As already mentioned on several occasions (e.g. in the newsletter of Friday, 8 May 2020), various GroupFitness courses will be offered from Monday, 18 May 2020.

Please note: There will be no courses on Thursday, May 21, 2020, as this day is a public holiday in Canton Zug (Ascension Day).

The opening hours of BodyWorx @ 4-Towers (Steinhausen) are from 8.30 to 21 o’clock (see also

Now we must comply with ALL of the following points:

– 2m distance rule

– maximum 5 persons in the course room

– 30 minutes time difference between the end of the course and the start of the course

– during these 30 minutes the classroom must be ventilated

In connection with the limited number of 5 persons, we will broadcast each course live from course room 1 (ground floor) to course room 2 (upper floor). The transmission can be seen on a large screen.

It follows that the course instructor will be in course room 1 (ground floor). This means that there can be a total of 4 people in course room 1 and 5 people in course room 2 at the same time who are participating in the course.

We can welcome a total of 9 members per course.

This requires a clear rule regarding “registration”:

– you can only register the day before (i.e. on Sunday for the course on Monday, etc.)

– registration must be made by telephone and/or in person at the reception (no e-mails).

– after registration in person and/or by telephone, we will confirm the date by e-mail – this should take place within 15 to 20 minutes

– If you have not received written feedback, you are welcome to contact us again by telephone (041 / 749 97 77).

We are aware that these regulations may appear complicated and/or difficult.

However, we were faced with the question: courses yes or no. And we have decided to offer courses – in contrast to some of our competitors.

In the light of this, the above-mentioned explanations are necessary.

Today we cannot conclusively assess whether, if at all, further relaxation is possible from 8 June 2020 (e.g. more than 5 people in one room).

However, we will immediately expand and supplement the course offerings as soon as this is permitted again.

Thanks also to Caroline, Lena and Guido and the whole BodyWorx team for the upcoming assignment.

Sporty greetings


Statusupdate | Date: 06.05.2020


Dear BodyWorx members

The BodyWorx in Steinhausen (@ 4-Towers) is almost ready for the reopening next Monday, 11 May 2020.

At the very beginning we would like to state that all members have already been credited with their time (from March 17th until May 10th, 2020) in the member administration system.

In these approximately 7 weeks we have received a lot of positive feedback (time stop). We appreciate this very much.


Thanks to the huge area of about 3200m2 we were able to position almost all endurance and strength equipment in such a way that the protection requirements (e.g. distance 2m, breathing volumes for endurance equipment, etc.) can be fully met.

More than 200 stations (on the ground floor and on the upper floor) are available to our members for training (with at least 2m distance)

The company’s own protection concept will be completed today, Wednesday 6 May 2020. The framework specifications of the Federal Office of Sport (BASPO) serve as a template. At the same time, we are receiving excellent support from “Qualicert”.

Now some important brief information:

Important: more detailed information on all positions will follow in the newsletter of 8 May 2020!

1. you MUST come to the BodyWorx ready for training, the cloakrooms should be used as little as possible (reason: 2m distance)

2. at each visit, the form “Questions and comments on risk assessment and health triage” must be completed and signed and submitted.

Keyword: “particularly endangered persons” – we admit that we do not particularly like this term – but it has been established by the legislator. For our members who belong to this “group”, we recommend that you should not train between 5 and 7.30 pm – as the frequency of visits is always highest at this time.

3. Anyone showing the following symptoms, such as (usually dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever or feverish feeling or muscle pain, CANNOT exercise in BodyWorx.

4. You should not come to BodyWorx by public transport, e.g. by bicycle and/or private vehicle. We have about 120 free parking spaces in Steinhausen.

5. the opening hours have been adjusted. The BodyWorx in Steinhausen opens from Monday to Friday at 7 am (instead of 6 am). The closing times (Monday to Friday) and the opening times on weekends remain unchanged (in Steinhausen).

6. the group fitness lessons will start on 18 May 2020. It is clear that we will not give circuit courses (e.g. Synrgy or Burning-Butt). We are working internally on an attractive course plan – whereby we will take the mandatory requirements (2m distance, max. groups of 5, 30 minutes between courses, etc.) as a benchmark. Further information on the course plan will be available at the beginning of next week (approx. 13 May 2020)

7. the Timeless Spa will open on 13 May 2020 – from 4.30 pm to 9 pm – these times will then apply to all days (including weekends).

8. the BodyWorx in Rotkreuz and the BodyWorx in Zug will open on May 18th, 2020. the reason is that we want to gain experience “on doing” from May 11th to 17th, 2020 (real and sustainable implementation of the protection concept).

Very important:

On Friday, May 8, 2020 we will send out a very informative newsletter. It will contain all essential information about the BodyWorx protection concept, the rules of conduct, opening hours, the Timeless Spa, the children’s play corner, and much more.

With this newsletter you can prepare yourself very well for the training in BodyWorx.

You, dear members, and we – all of us together will make sure that a safe training in the BodyWorx is ensured.

We are looking forward to YOU !

The BodyWorx Team


Statusupdate | Date: 29.04.2020


*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 29.4.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx members

We are pleased – on 11 May 2020 we may open our BodyWorx fitness centres again for our members.

We will create our own hygiene and proteAction concept – specific to our locations.

More information will follow in the next days.


We are looking forward to YOU!

Your BodyWorx Team


Statusupdate | Date: 17.04.2020

*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 17.4.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx members

The lockdown in Switzerland will be softened a bit.

A few sectors will be allowed to reopen in just under a week.

We are pleased for these businesses. We wish these businesses good health and economic success – we grant you this with all our heart.

No sustainable information is currently available on the fitness industry. As a result, fitness centres in Switzerland have to remain closed.

We would not like to report any more at this time.

But we (BodyWorx) will not remain inactive in the next days. We will announce more in due course.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sporty greetings

Your BodyWorx team

Statusupdate | Date: 09.04.2020

*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 9.4.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx Members 

Albert Einstein once said: “More than the past, I am interested in the future, the one I intend to live in”.

How true these words are – especially in these difficult times.

Very well – the Federal Council decided yesterday that the lockdown will continue until 26 April 2020. No communication was made about any scenario for the days after 26 April 2020.

As a result, we are not able to communicate conclusively today when our BodyWorx fitness centres can be reopened.

It may well be that various people were expecting more information, but now the new target date is April 26, 2020. The extent to which this Federal Council expectation management will work in the medium term cannot be conclusively assessed at the present time – and probably does not need to be assessed yet. 

What is important for the next few days is that each individual adheres to the Federal Council’s guidelines. If we all remain disciplined (especially over Easter), there is a great chance that the lockdown will be lifted as soon as possible.

Concluding remark

Christianity now celebrates Easter – traditionally this is also a celebration of love and family. And in about 2 weeks Ramadan (the holy month of fasting for Muslims) will also begin.

The virus has a restrictive effect on all religions. The virus knows no borders, neither between individuals, nor between religions, nor between continents.

Our individual actions are important in the coming days.

We all wish ourselves a wonderful weekend – whether near or far.


Sporty greetings!

Your BodyWorx Team

Statusupdate | Date: 31.03.2020

*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 31.3.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx Members 

We would like to inform our members at regular intervals or briefly comment on important points.

Feedback on our videos and updates

We are overwhelmed – thank you for your very numerous and extremely positive feedback on our videos and our updates. This motivates us even more – the sky is not enough!

A huge thanks to the whole BodyWorx team – especially thanks to “Sergeant Aline”!

Stay at home! 

The weather forecast indicates that from today on Tuesday the sun will shine. Spring is coming – and quite clearly. The temperatures will rise up to 16 degrees. Of course, this wonderful spring weather will massively increase the desire for “outdoor activities” – this is completely understandable and probably normal.

But – the virus cannot be contained or defeated by the sun. We can only do this through our behaviour. Therefore we ask you to – follow the guidelines of the Federal Council.

But also very important is the psyche of each individual – therefore: Please read on!

The Corona crisis and the psyche! 

Restricted freedoms, at best job insecurity and also fear for health. The current situation is straining the psyche of the population. We have read up on this topic in recent days. Very enlightening is the interview with Dr. med. Julius Kurmann (since 1996 chief physician of inpatient services “Luzerner Psychiatrie” –, which was published in the Luzerner Zeitung on 26 March 2020.

We would like to refer to it as follows (not complete).

  1. Adherence to the rules of conduct – stay healthy
    If you consistently follow the rules of conduct of the authorities, there is a high probability that you will not fall ill with the virus. This means that you can do something for yourself. You can build up a feeling of personal control.
  1. Watch the News
    It is devastating to constantly watch the news online or on TV. This bears the danger of putting you into a trance state, which is only marked by fear and the feeling of being threatened. Dr. med. Kurmann recommends checking the news no more than once a day.
  1. Everyday life at home
    It needs a consistent daily structure. At home office you are tempted to sleep longer or to spend the day in pyjamas. But you shouldn’t let yourself be paralyzed, but set yourself fixed goals.
  1. Going out – outdoor
    As long as you are allowed to do so, you can go out and move around to relieve the stress. But the rules of conduct must be followed.
  1. How long does a person endure social Isolation?
    If it is foreseeable, one can adjust to it. It can tip over if the measures are constantly extended and no end is in sight. Or if it is no longer comprehensible – for example, if the number of cases declines sharply.

Rental lockers (wardrobe)

We have several members who have rented a locker at the BodyWorx @4-Towers (location Steinhausen).

As our fitness centers have to be closed (at least) until April 19th, 2020, we give these members the opportunity to empty their own lockers.

It could be good if appropriate textiles could be washed. Of course the emptying of the cupboard is voluntary. If there is only shower gel, deodorant, etc. in the wardrobe – then emptying it may not be recommended.

In order to comply with the rules of conduct (especially the distance rule), we ask the respective members to contact us by phone and/or e-mail in order to arrange an individual appointment.

Final remark

If we all strictly comply with the current rules of conduct – we can expect that they will not be further tightened.

There are various goals which we all want to achieve together:

We all want to stay healthy. We want the sick to get well again. We want the number of cases to decrease as soon as possible. We want to be able to lead our “normal lives” again as soon as possible.

To achieve this, we can take responsibility for our own personal behaviour and thus achieve the best for all of us.

2gether we are strong!

Sporty greetings and stay healthy!

Your BodyWorx-Team


Statusupdate | Date: 25.03.2020


*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 25.3.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx Members 

Our fitness centres have now been closed for over 1 week. The Federal Council (and the government of the Canton of Zug) have shown themselves to be not only strong in leadership but also prudent in these difficult times. 

The population is also taking responsibility and sticking to the guidelines – we would like to thank everyone for this. 

Although the closure of our BodyWorx sites is painful for us (and certainly for our members) – we are still of the clear opinion that this measure is right and important. 

Now we would like to inform you as follows: 

General Information 

  1. Member payments:
    In the last few days (despite the official closure of our 4 locations) several members have paid their bills. We would like to thank them very much!

  1. Invoicing:
    Since Monday, 16 March 2020, we have not issued or sent out any subscription invoices. This will continue until we know when “BodyWorx” will be allowed to reopen their 4 gyms.

  1. Loyalty discount:
    Of course the loyalty rebate will still be granted – although the payment of the membership is not “seamless”.

  1. Time stop:
    We will not record the time-stop until we know the date of reopening. The reopening will be determined by the Federal Council.

  1. We keep receiving requests if it is not “somehow” possible to train in the BodyWorx. The only answer is: N E I N !
  2. Inquiries in terms of “equipment rental” are also answered with a “NO”. For various reasons we do not rent out equipment and/or fitness equipment. 

Information about “virtual courses 

  1. there are always “virtual courses” taking place, which can be followed via “Facebook” and “Instagram These videos are then also available on our “Youtube-Channel”. In the light of this, it can be said that these virtual courses can be followed “live” as well as with a time delay.
  2. we are very pleased with the (very positive) response we received directly (by e-mail, Whatsapp, etc.) or via “social media channels”. This motivates us even more. Many thanks for this! 

Staff training 

  1. Our employees are also being trained internally during these weeks – for example, in the use of our new member software. These trainings take place in the meeting room of the PBC 4-Towers – so it is also possible to keep the safety distance. 

Information about our BodyWorx locations: 

  1. All endurance and strength equipment at all 4 locations will be serviced (together with LifeFitness experts) from today, Wednesday (25 March 2020).
  2. From today, Wednesday, the Timeless Spa will have its steam bath renovated (new steam machine, sealing of the ceiling, etc.) and the “Finnish Sauna” will have its “sauna stones” replaced.
  3. Currently the BodyWorx @4-Towers is also being repainted (partially). We also try to bring more color into our gyms – partly with new artwork.
  4. In the last few days the ventilation of the BodyWorx @4-Towers has already been cleaned.
  5. Of course the recommended safety precautions are followed by all involved persons (own employees and third parties)! 

Final remarks 

The whole BodyWorx team (coaches, reception, cleaning) is trying to do the best in this extraordinary time. We are all positive and trust that together we will manage to defeat this evil (and unnecessary) virus – not today and tomorrow, but forever! 

The owners would like to thank the whole BodyWorx team for their wonderful cooperation and for the extraordinary team spirit! 

2gether we are strong! 

Sporty greetings and stay healthy!


Statusupdate | Date: 16.03.2020

Dear BodyWorx members

BodyWorx will close all sites this evening, March 16, 2020, until April 19, 2020.

The usual opening hours (Steinhausen, 10.30 pm / Rotkreuz and Baar, 9.30 pm / Zug at 11pm) will be kept.

As already announced yesterday (Homepage / Facebook / Instagram), all subscriptions will be treated equally. A time stop will be granted for all subscriptions (for each location). This time stop is free of charge – as is usual with BodyWorx. Our members do not have to proactively ask for it – the time stop is guaranteed.

We ask you to respect the measures decreed by the Federal Council and implement them accordingly.

At the same time we wish all of you – that you can get through this difficult time personally well – and above all healthy.

We look forward to your return – hopefully not later than 19 April 2020.

Sporty greetings and stay healthy!

The BodyWorx Team

Statusupdate | Date: 15.03.2020

Dear BodyWorx members

Since Friday evening, March 13, 2020 we have been communicating with a great many BodyWorx members via phone, email and social media. We can state that we have had very good conversations. The vast majority are happy that our BodyWorx locations are still open.

Now we have to inform additionally as follows:

Access control / Timeless Spa & Childcare / Time-Stop / Possible new measures

Rigorous access control

The Federal Council and the Canton of Zug provide for a maximum number of 100 persons. It is stated that we will adhere to this number. This includes all employees of BodyWorx (including cleaning staff).

As a result, the number of members (depending on location) will be reduced accordingly. We have also included a safety margin internally.

We receive telephone inquiries about the current number of members per location. As we have a new (since autumn 2019) member administration system, we can control each location and inform our members in real time.

Timeless Spa and Childcare

In the Timeless Spa, the steam bath and bio-sauna will remain closed until at least 30 April 2020. The childcare in Steinhausen will also remain closed until at least 30 April 2020.

Time-Stop (always free of charge at BodyWorx)

BodyWorx members, who currently do not want to train anymore, can request a time stop. This time stop has to be sent to

This request must include surname, first name and birthday. Please note that it can happen that the answer cannot be given immediately. Of course the time stop will be granted. The time stop is granted to every BodyWorx member. The start of the time stop is the day on which the request was made (via email).

Possible new measures by the Federal Council and/or cantonal government

Should the Federal Council and/or the Zug cantonal government (and this must be expected) take more stringent measures – such as the complete closure of fitness centres – a time stop will automatically be granted to all members for the corresponding period (from closure). This time stop does not have to be requested proactively. We will make the time adjustment automatically.

Many thanks – dear BodyWorx members

We would like to thank you very much for your many years of loyalty. Together we could go a very successful way – so we could open our 4th BodyWorx location at the beginning of December 2019. Actually we wanted to announce our 5th location within the next weeks – but now we have to set other priorities!

We will – especially in these difficult times – honour your loyalty and your trust!

We wish you all – please stay healthy!

Sporty greetings

The BodyWorx Team