Corona | 2020


*** UPDATE / INFORMATION 25.3.2020 ***

Dear BodyWorx Members 

Our fitness centres have now been closed for over 1 week. The Federal Council (and the government of the Canton of Zug) have shown themselves to be not only strong in leadership but also prudent in these difficult times. 

The population is also taking responsibility and sticking to the guidelines – we would like to thank everyone for this. 

Although the closure of our BodyWorx sites is painful for us (and certainly for our members) – we are still of the clear opinion that this measure is right and important. 

Now we would like to inform you as follows: 

General Information 

  1. Member payments:
    In the last few days (despite the official closure of our 4 locations) several members have paid their bills. We would like to thank them very much!
  1. Invoicing:
    Since Monday, 16 March 2020, we have not issued or sent out any subscription invoices. This will continue until we know when “BodyWorx” will be allowed to reopen their 4 gyms.
  1. Loyalty discount:
    Of course the loyalty rebate will still be granted – although the payment of the membership is not “seamless”.
  1. Time stop:
    We will not record the time-stop until we know the date of reopening. The reopening will be determined by the Federal Council.
  1. We keep receiving requests if it is not “somehow” possible to train in the BodyWorx. The only answer is: N E I N !
  2. Inquiries in terms of “equipment rental” are also answered with a “NO”. For various reasons we do not rent out equipment and/or fitness equipment. 

Information about “virtual courses 

  1. there are always “virtual courses” taking place, which can be followed via “Facebook” and “Instagram These videos are then also available on our “Youtube-Channel”. In the light of this, it can be said that these virtual courses can be followed “live” as well as with a time delay.
  2. we are very pleased with the (very positive) response we received directly (by e-mail, Whatsapp, etc.) or via “social media channels”. This motivates us even more. Many thanks for this! 

Staff training 

  1. Our employees are also being trained internally during these weeks – for example, in the use of our new member software. These trainings take place in the meeting room of the PBC 4-Towers – so it is also possible to keep the safety distance. 

Information about our BodyWorx locations: 

  1. All endurance and strength equipment at all 4 locations will be serviced (together with LifeFitness experts) from today, Wednesday (25 March 2020).
  2. From today, Wednesday, the Timeless Spa will have its steam bath renovated (new steam machine, sealing of the ceiling, etc.) and the “Finnish Sauna” will have its “sauna stones” replaced.
  3. Currently the BodyWorx @4-Towers is also being repainted (partially). We also try to bring more color into our gyms – partly with new artwork.
  4. In the last few days the ventilation of the BodyWorx @4-Towers has already been cleaned.
  5. Of course the recommended safety precautions are followed by all involved persons (own employees and third parties)! 

Final remarks 

The whole BodyWorx team (coaches, reception, cleaning) is trying to do the best in this extraordinary time. We are all positive and trust that together we will manage to defeat this evil (and unnecessary) virus – not today and tomorrow, but forever! 

The owners would like to thank the whole BodyWorx team for their wonderful cooperation and for the extraordinary team spirit! 

2gether we are strong! 

Sporty greetings and stay healthy!

Statusupdate | Date: 16.03.2020

Dear BodyWorx members

BodyWorx will close all sites this evening, March 16, 2020, until April 19, 2020.

The usual opening hours (Steinhausen, 10.30 pm / Rotkreuz and Baar, 9.30 pm / Zug at 11pm) will be kept.

As already announced yesterday (Homepage / Facebook / Instagram), all subscriptions will be treated equally. A time stop will be granted for all subscriptions (for each location). This time stop is free of charge – as is usual with BodyWorx. Our members do not have to proactively ask for it – the time stop is guaranteed.

We ask you to respect the measures decreed by the Federal Council and implement them accordingly.

At the same time we wish all of you – that you can get through this difficult time personally well – and above all healthy.

We look forward to your return – hopefully not later than 19 April 2020.

Sporty greetings and stay healthy!

The BodyWorx Team

Statusupdate | Date: 15.03.2020

Dear BodyWorx members

Since Friday evening, March 13, 2020 we have been communicating with a great many BodyWorx members via phone, email and social media. We can state that we have had very good conversations. The vast majority are happy that our BodyWorx locations are still open.

Now we have to inform additionally as follows:

Access control / Timeless Spa & Childcare / Time-Stop / Possible new measures

Rigorous access control

The Federal Council and the Canton of Zug provide for a maximum number of 100 persons. It is stated that we will adhere to this number. This includes all employees of BodyWorx (including cleaning staff).

As a result, the number of members (depending on location) will be reduced accordingly. We have also included a safety margin internally.

We receive telephone inquiries about the current number of members per location. As we have a new (since autumn 2019) member administration system, we can control each location and inform our members in real time.

Timeless Spa and Childcare

In the Timeless Spa, the steam bath and bio-sauna will remain closed until at least 30 April 2020. The childcare in Steinhausen will also remain closed until at least 30 April 2020.

Time-Stop (always free of charge at BodyWorx)

BodyWorx members, who currently do not want to train anymore, can request a time stop. This time stop has to be sent to

This request must include surname, first name and birthday. Please note that it can happen that the answer cannot be given immediately. Of course the time stop will be granted. The time stop is granted to every BodyWorx member. The start of the time stop is the day on which the request was made (via email).

Possible new measures by the Federal Council and/or cantonal government

Should the Federal Council and/or the Zug cantonal government (and this must be expected) take more stringent measures – such as the complete closure of fitness centres – a time stop will automatically be granted to all members for the corresponding period (from closure). This time stop does not have to be requested proactively. We will make the time adjustment automatically.

Many thanks – dear BodyWorx members

We would like to thank you very much for your many years of loyalty. Together we could go a very successful way – so we could open our 4th BodyWorx location at the beginning of December 2019. Actually we wanted to announce our 5th location within the next weeks – but now we have to set other priorities!

We will – especially in these difficult times – honour your loyalty and your trust!

We wish you all – please stay healthy!

Sporty greetings

The BodyWorx Team