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4D Pro Sling® | BodyWorx
4D Pro Sling®

Experience the plus of elasticity! 4D PRO® Bungee fitness inspires more and more. The reason is the swinging, bouncing movements that are fun and make you want to do more. Almost like bungee – only without fear.

Belly - legs - butt

The name is program! Our BBP lessons focus on strengthening exercises for the abdomen, legs and buttocks – ideal for toning and shaping these parts of the body.

A simple warm-up brings you and your muscles to the right operating temperature at the beginning of the lesson. Exercises to mobilize and strengthen the back muscles as well as gentle stretching round off every BBP unit.

BODEGA moves® | BodyWorx
BODEGA moves®

The successful concept Bodega moves® is an effective full-body workout that sculpts the entire body and fights excess fat. Practiced at an ambitious level (2-3) with powerful, dynamic flows. In it, elements from Vinyasa Power Yoga are fused with Bodyshaping and Functional Workout to create an effective mix. This addresses the muscles to the depths, but also gives plenty of vitality and fresh energy.

Body Conditioning

The megatrend now also as group training. This intelligent workout builds not only beautiful, but also functional muscles with simple means such as your own body weight or small equipment – for a sexy and vital body and more performance in sport and in everyday life.

body toning

In this dynamic lesson, your whole body is trained in the strength endurance area.

The training units vary and are sometimes carried out with aids but also without additional equipment.


Effective and varied!
Hard CORE exercises focus on the abdominal region. It’s not just about strengthening the abdominal muscles, but also about improving posture in everyday life. The Hard CORE training is rounded off by a short warm-up and stretching at the end.



HOT IRON® 1 is a thrilling strength endurance training with the barbell. Suitable for everyone as a training option when taking part in classic strengthening courses such as body styling, stomach, legs and buttocks and CO. the training effects that are desired can no longer be achieved!

This course is an ideal introduction to barbell training, as the course consists of the basic exercises for training with the barbell. Through sensibly combined technique training, the important basics and designs are learned and do not overwhelm even a beginner! With no more than 50 repetitions, each muscle is actually trained in the area of strength endurance and offers increased training effects.
This course format is also ideally suited for ambitious athletes and advanced learners who can make the basic exercises a challenge using training weights.



HOT IRON® 2 is the coordinative and conditional improvement to HOT IRON® 1. New exercises, a partially changed load area for the muscles and a longer training period train the body in a different way than before.

Even more tightening, even more body fat reduction and even more health.

After approx. 8 – 12 weeks of HOT IRON® 1 training, you should switch to HOT IRON® 2, as the body has already got used to the training stimulus.
A mixture of strength endurance and hypertrophy training stimuli (hypertrophy = muscle building) intensify the training effects.

Mobility Flow

Moving, mobilizing and stretching for a comfortable body feeling.

Gentle to intense movements keep the body flexible. The connective tissue is supplied with blood and activated.


The Pilates method is a holistic body training in which mainly the deep-seated, small and mostly weaker muscle groups are addressed, which are supposed to ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

The aim is to strengthen the muscles, improve stamina and coordination of movements, improve posture, stimulate the circulation and increase body awareness. The basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called “powerhouse”, which means the muscles around the spine that are in the middle of the body, the so-called support muscles. The muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles are specifically strengthened.

All movements are carried out slowly and fluently, which is gentle on the muscles and joints. Breathing is trained at the same time.

SYNRGY 360 Circuit

SYNRGY 360 Circuit – a new concept on the training area. You will experience combinations of various functional full-body exercises as motivating group training. SYNRGY 360 stands for fun, success and unlimited possibilities. You train in a group under the guidance of your trainer, who spurs you on to high performance.

Experience the combination of cross and functional training and grow beyond yourself.

The courses take place on the site and can be attended with any subscription (including gold).

TRX® Suspension Training

When training with the TRX, basic tension must be permanently maintained during every exercise, which strengthens the deep muscles and automatically trains the core muscles. This cannot be achieved with conventional equipment training. Since the straps of the TRX are constantly in motion during training, the small muscles near the joints are also activated. This “instability” leads to a significantly higher training stimulus.

During sport and daily activities, we move in several planes of movement at the same time, which is also an advantage during sling or suspension training.

The courses take place in the area.

Vinyasa Yoga

The asanas (physical exercises) are combined into a flowing and dynamic sequence of movements. The processes are modified in such a way that everyone can learn and perform them. From simple to complex and very powerful movement patterns, Vinyasa Yoga combines a unique body experience and awakens a new and intense body awareness. The asanas give strength and release physical and emotional blockages.


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