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Course Overview

Ashtanga Yoga
A powerful yoga style awakens body, mind and soul..
Belly - legs - butt
The name is program! At the heart of our BBP lessons are strengthening exercises for the abdomen, legs and buttocks – ideal for tightening and sculpting those parts of the body.

A simple warm-up brings you and your muscles to the right operating temperature at the beginning of the hour. Exercises to mobilize and strengthen the back muscles as well as a gentle stretching complete each BBP unit.

The holistic course program bodyART® STRENGTH is based on the 5 elements of Chinese medicine and trains people as a unity of body, mind and soul. The exercises combine strength, flexibility and balance. Stability, coordination, well-being, posture improvement, prevention and counteracting of back pain as well as stress reduction are positive effects of the unique training. The body is shaped athletically by the regular training and feels strengthened in everyday life again and vital!
An inspiration of yoga and is wellness for the body, mind and soul. This course includes simple stretching exercises, many movements and various poses from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to appropriate music. Controlled breathing is an important part of this class.
body toning
In this dynamic hour your whole body is trained in the endurance zone.

The training sessions vary and are sometimes carried out with aids but also without additional equipment.

The intensive whole body and interval training is a mixture of strength training with your own body weight and fitness equipment. With short intervals the pulse is brought up to speed and the strength and condition is continuously increased.
Burning Butt
The course delivers what it promises: the problem areas buttocks, thighs and abdomen are trained and the fat just melts away. Let it burn!

This course takes place at Hammer Athletic Park and was developed by BodyWorx.

Core Strength
In this rather quiet training session, it is primarily about the body perception and the conscious execution of the exercises.

The combination of strength, flexibility and mobilization characterizes this lesson as well as the correct posture.

CORE Strength & Faszien
Bei dieser eher ruhig geführten Trainingseinheit, geht es in erster Linie um die Körperwahrnehmung und das bewusste Ausführen der Übungen.

Die Kombination aus Kraft, Beweglichkeit und Mobilisation zeichnet dieses Stundenbild eben so aus wie die korrekte Körperhaltung.

Cross workout
Here whole body use is required. Functional training in the group.

Cycling, ENDURANCE TRAINING in the group on stationary bikes. There are mountains and valleys, all in the rhythm of the music. With the instructor’s instructions, the motivation never goes away and the group dynamics travel unbelievably. Whether young and old, fit or beginner: the home stretch can be reached at the same time, because you determine how hard YOUR training will be.

Tip: Cycling is a valuable addition to all endurance sports.

A light choreography, good music and a good mood make you sweat here.
This is all deepWORK® Training:

  • deepWORK® is the answer to the inner mind, to feel its limits and to look at them without prejudice.
  • deepWORK® exercises are based on specific knowledge, responsibility towards the participant and complex movements.
  • deepWORK® movements are designed to always be in the balance between tension and relaxation and combined with breathing exercises.
  • The deepWORK® participant trains in his own movement and breathing rhythm during the training.
Fascia Stretch
A moving body is a healthy body. In this more regenerative training method, the connective tissue is mobilized, rolled out and / or triggered. The pleasant body feeling after the lesson is guaranteed.
Full Body Conditioning
The megatrend now also as group training. This smart workout uses simple means such as your own body weight or small equipment to build not only beautiful, but also functional muscles – for a sexy and vital body and more performance in sports and everyday life.
Functional Wake up
Your body will start sweating early in the morning and push your metabolism. The functional, intensive, full-body interval training increases your mobility, strength and endurance in the cardiovascular system.
Effective and varied!
The exercises of ABS Xpress focus on the abdominal region. It is not just about strengthening the abdominal muscles, but also about improved posture in everyday life. The ABS Xpress training is completed by a short warm-up and a stretching at the end.

HOT IRON® 1 is a rousing endurance exercise with the barbell. Suitable for everyone as a training option, if in classic strengthening courses such as body styling, abdominal legs-butt and CO. No more training effects are achieved that are desired!

This course is an ideal introduction to barbell training because the course consists of the basic exercises of barbell training. By meaningfully combined technique training thus the important basics and remarks are learned and do not overtax even a beginner! With no more than 50 repetitions, each muscle is actually trained in the area of ​​strength endurance and provides increased training effects.
This course format is also ideal for ambitious athletes and advanced skiers, who can make the basic training exercises a challenge.


HOT IRON® 2 is the coordinative and conditional enhancement to HOT IRON® 1. New exercises, a partially altered exercise area of ​​the muscles and a longer workout time train the body in a different way than before.

Even more streamlining, even more body fat reduction and even more health.

After approx. 8 – 12 weeks HOT IRON® 1 Training should be changed to HOT IRON® 2, as the body has already become accustomed to the training stimulus.
A combination of strength-endurance and hypertrophy training stimuli (hypertrophy = muscle growth) intensify the training effects.

After about 8 – 12 weeks of HOT IRON® 2 training, the body is ready for the “King’s Course”: IRON CROSS® takes into account the latest results in the field of “figure training”.

The fast lane for the dream body in IRON SYSTEM®, maximum body fat reduction, firming and everyday power! This athletic course works with fewer repetitions than the previous courses, thus creating more tight, metabolically active tissue and thus provides for an increased basal metabolic rate – ie for a 24-hour calorie burning.

With the rather set or series-like hour concept, advanced HOT IRON® participants experience a new challenge with significantly lower repetition numbers and correspondingly higher weights with the goal of hypertrophy (muscle growth).
The world’s only muscle building program in the course area !! The blast for body fat reduction for women AND men! In this type of training, women will experience a reduction in the size of their legs, arms, chest and waist while men can gain in those same places (except the waist)!

Mobility Flow
Moving, mobilizing and stretching for a pleasant body feeling.

Gentle to intense movements keep the body flexible. The connective tissue is perfused and activated.

The Pilates method is a holistic body workout in which especially the low-lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups are addressed, which should ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

The aim is to strengthen the muscles, improve the condition and coordination of movement, improve body posture, stimulate the circulation and increase body awareness. The basis of all exercises is the training of the so-called “Powerhouse”, which means the muscles lying in the middle of the body around the spine, the so-called support muscles. The muscles of the pelvic floor and the deep trunk muscles are specifically strengthened.

All movements are performed slowly and fluently, which protects the muscles and joints. At the same time breathing is trained.

Outdoor Circle
Intervalltraining unter freiem Himmel für den ganzen Körper.
Active relaxation is the program: In Sivananda Yoga, the positions flow into each other and the movements and the breathing technique are adapted to the training. Strength, endurance, agility and concentration are trained at a high level – yet this course is suitable for everyone.
SYNRGY 360 Circuit
SYNRGY 360 Circuit – a new concept on the training area. You will experience combinations of various functional full-body exercises as motivational group training. SYNRGY 360 stands for fun, success and unlimited possibilities. You train in the group under the guidance of your trainer, which will inspire you to high performance.

Experience the combination of cross and functional training and grow beyond yourself.

The courses take place on the area and can be visited with every subscription (also gold).

Tabata Pilates
Pilates training with intensive tabata intervals. The short phases of extreme stress alternate with even shorter breaks. Tabata burns fat, helps to build muscle, saves time and is very versatile.
TRX® Suspension Training
During training with the TRX, a basic tension must be permanently maintained during each exercise, which strengthens the deep muscles and automatically trains the core muscles. This can not be achieved with conventional equipment training. As the TRX harnesses are constantly moving while exercising, the small muscles close to the joints are also activated. This “instability” leads to a much higher training stimulus.

During sports and daily activities we move in several levels of movement at the same time, which is also an advantage in sling and suspension training.

The courses take place on the area.

Vinyasa Yoga
The asanas (physical exercises) are combined into a fluid and dynamic movement. The procedures are modified so that everyone can learn and execute them. From simple to complex and very powerful movement patterns, Vinyasa Yoga unites a unique body experience and awakens a new and intense body awareness. The asanas give strength and release physical and emotional blockages.
ZUMBA® is a dance and fitness program. A mix of merengue, salsa, reggaeton, cumbia and many other international dance styles that make for a sweaty workout!

ZUMBA® is movement and fun and suitable for every fitness enthusiast!

Zumba® Fitness uses the whole body, training endurance and automatically burning calories. ZUMBA® is pure joie de vivre!