Welcome to BodyWorx – The Fitness Company and the Timeless Spa!


In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we depend on your support. We ask you to adhere to our house rules and to make a valuable contribution to an optimal training and recreation atmosphere. We thank you!


The house rules are binding for all members of the BodyWorx fitness center as well as the Timeless Spa. Upon entering the facility or using the facilities, the house rules are accepted and accepted. All other orders issued by the staff to maintain operational safety must be complied with in every respect. We ask the members to refrain from anything that goes against the good manners, as well as the maintenance of security, peace and order.

In the premises of the fitness center (including outdoor area and spa) there is absolute no smoking.

Mobile phones are quiet to operate (vibration). Sports and handbags must be left in the wardrobe.

Any consumption of and trade in intoxicants, anabolic steroids and other illegal substances is prohibited. In addition, the use of the equipment and facilities for persons under the influence of drugs, especially of alcohol, is strictly prohibited. If disregarded, the affected person will be removed from the facility.

Pets are not allowed in the fitness center (including outdoor area and spa).


Please be sure to treat all furnishings as well as training and sports equipment of our fitness center with care.

The consumption of food is not permitted in the entire system, with the exception of smaller snacks (bars, bananas or the like).

Drinks may only be brought in lockable plastic bottles (e.g., bidons) (no cups or glass bottles).

We ask you to place weight plates and weights back in their proper place after use. When training with weight discs that are attached to the weight bars, always locking rings must be used.

Cleanliness and hygiene

During training, a towel must always be used to cover the bearing surfaces on the equipment. If you do not have one, you can rent a towel at the reception for a fee of CHF 3.00 (small towel) or CHF 4.00 (large towel). The towel must be returned to the reception after training. Otherwise, the towel will be charged with a flat rate of CHF 30.00.

Please disinfect the used devices after each use.

We ask people with a strong body odor to take a shower before training.

Wardrobes and wet area

The wardrobes should be entered after showering, or after using the Timeless Spa, only dried out.

Body shaving and dyeing of hair is prohibited in any form.

The lockable lockers may only be used during the training stay. The operator is entitled to also open used cabinets. Exceptions are rental cabinets.


The training takes place in suitable sportswear. The training rooms may not be entered without a camisole. Please do not wear sports shoes in the training rooms that you have already used outdoors. The wearing of flip flops and sandals is not allowed in the training room. Only non-discoloring shoes may be worn in the training rooms.

Timeless Spa

Please respect the recreational needs of other Timeless Spa guests.

Before using the sauna, bio sauna and steam bath, a thorough body shower with soap or shower must be used.

The sauna is used naked, barefoot and with a large bath towel.

The steam bath is used naked, not barefoot and with a seat pad.

In all nude areas bedding towels must be used as a base. In the sauna reading magazines is dangerous and prohibited for security reasons. Also, no private fragrances may be used.

For reasons of hygiene, the dyeing of hair and any body shaving are not allowed.

The other rooms of the Timeless Spa are bath towel or bathrobe compulsory.

In the interests of your own safety, please note the rules for the sauna, bio sauna and steam bath listed in the annex.

Inappropriate behavior in the Timeless Spa will result in the exclusion of the member.

For more information, contact the supervisor.


Eye goggles for the use of the solarium is required. The rules of use and the instructions for use for each skin type should be read carefully. For further information the staff is at your disposal. For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to disinfect the sunbed of the solarium before and after use. Further hygiene instructions are to be taken from the instructions on site.


The house rules and the general terms and conditions are part of the contract and binding for each member.

The house rules apply to the general operation. The operator reserves the right to change these house rules at any time. It is the responsibility of the member to inform himself about the current house rules.
An up-to-date version is available at any time at www.Body-Worx.ch.

We would like to thank you for the adherence to the house rules and that you leave the training rooms, cloakrooms, sanitary facilities, the Timeless Spa facility and the solarium as you would like to find them.